Thursday, September 11, 2014

Liam's nursery room

Here it is guys! I finally got a chance to clean and organize Liam's room. This is not totally a 100% nursery room since we also sleep here however, we made it as close to a baby's room as possible. As I promised, I let you peek of what's inside of my baby boy's room.

We decided to get a 'Monkey Rock Star Theme'. While the rest is pretty much color experimenting lol. As you see, there's gray, white, green and different shades of blue. Most of the stuff were bought by our own money, baby shower gifts from friends and our amazing family. I also listed where and how much the stuff cost to give you guys an idea. Don't get me wrong, having a baby is actually expensive lol, BUT it is all WORTH it and PRICELESS!!!!

Crib - Babies R Us (gift) (was on sale for $250.00)
Crib bedding set - Babies R Us (gift)
Crib bumper - Bed bath and beyond
Crib Mattress - Target $50.00
Wall Decals- Babies r us $20.00
Air Purifier- Target clearance sale for $29.99 (gift)
Letter L - Craft warehouse 3 for $10 (got the letter I and A but they run out of M so i decided to just put the letter L alone until I can get letter M, lol)

This shelving storage unit has been a life saver for us. We don't really have enough space to put Liam's massive toys, books, bath essentials, etc. This is a great way to organize things! I highly recommend this.

Storage shelving Unit - Ikea $69.99
Storage bins- Ikea $5.99 each
Big Teddy - Costco $30.00 (hubby got this couple years ago for me/gift)
Winnie the Pooh Humidifier - Babies R Us $35 (girf)
wipe warmer - Target (gift)

For some reason, I'm liking the patterns and color of this shower curtain, that's why I got them. Good thing my MIL found monkey hooks to go with it too!

Shower Curtains - Target $15
monkey shower curtain hooks - Walmart $6.96 (gift)
Picture frames - Ikea $1.99 each
Monkey Diaper stacker - Babies R Us (gift)
Doreamon bagpack - State fair 5bucks

One of the timeless pieces that we have in this room is this dresser. This used to be my hubby's dresser when he was a baby. My mother in law took care of it real well and it's still in great condition. And now, Liam is using it. 

P.S. Please don't mind my Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse pencil holder. That's for me and not baby related :).

Friday, July 18, 2014

Prints and pink OOTD

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OOTD: summer outfit

Remember that dress I got the other day? I couldn't wait to wear it so i did yesterday when we went to the beach.  The dress alone was pretty but it was too cold down there so I paired it it printed yellow cardigan.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Retail therapy: 4th of July sale

have to admit, I'm one of those shoppers who doesn't pay for full price (unless it is needed). My motto is always been why pay full where you can get it on sale or by just using a coupon?!. It is not being cheap, it is being smart. Coz shopping with a fabulous bargain is always a winner for me. That's why I call it 'retail therapy' coz it makes me happy and proud.  

So much for that, we went to Outlet Mall yesterday and they had a huge '4th of July' sale event. Visited couple stores and made some damage on hubby's wallet lol. 

 Let's begin with this fabulous find that we got from Puma. It's men's future cat ferari. Original Price $110 but it was on clearance for $82.50 plus extra 75% off so we ended up paying $27.50. That was a steal!

Drift cat Ferari for boys,  orginal price was $60.00 but its half off so we paid $30.00
Stripe polo shirt $5.99 and short was $3.99 plus additional 30% off for both so we paid $4.20 for te shirt and $2.80 for the short.
I got this summer dress at Banana Republic for only $12.99. Original $39.99
Looked at Gap and they had this Linen short on sale too for $4.99 , originally $39.99. So I ended up getting it.
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