Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

As what I have said on my previous post, hubby and I throw a costume party on our place. Though it end up with only two people who came since the rest of his friends were working and mine as well. We still had fun and I honestly enjoyed my second Halloween here. We have actually lots of food for all four of us since two of our friends bring some and they also helped us prepare food. We baked cookies and cake. I cooked chicken adobo and pancit palabok, mummy hotdog and little smookies. We don't have any trick or treaters around our apartment and now I'm worried who's gonna eat the bowl full of  candies that we have...waaa!(lol). After we ate, we hang out for a while and went to my in laws house for us to do trick or treat around the neighborhood. As soon as we walked around the area, we stopped by to this very cool  house, they made their  front yard  into a graveyard looking. It was decorated of Halloween spooky stuff. It looks so haunted. Suddenly, they were couple cars driving around the street and we didn't thought that they gonna throw an egg towards us. They hit me and hubby. So hubby was pretty pissed with these mean people and started to chase them. Unfortunately, the cars speed up and gone quick.

As what hubby told me earlier that day, there will be lots of crazy and drunk people out there doing stupid stuff so we have to be careful. Yeah, now i know (lol). I just wish that we catch those people and teach them lesson they deserved.

The photo above is our living room that we decorated with two big spiders on the wall while the web was on the ceiling. And the picture below shows us wearing costume. Hubby as Mr. Grim Ripper and mine as a witch. Two of our friends were like zombie  and a zombie patient.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Preparations

Its been a long day for me and hubby this weekend. We were busy since yesterday shopping all the stuff we wanted. I think we got everything ready for tomorrow.

We went to K-mart  and try to look for a cheerleader costume since I change my mind (lol)  but unfortunately, we couldn't find one. Although hubby got what he wanna wear to our party tomorrow, we found a Mr. Grim Reaper costume which comes with  bony glove hands and skull face all glow in the dark.  The entire costume includes a mask, gloves, robe and hood which i think spooky looking and also matches with a witch costume. So i decide to be a witch again for the second time ;).

One of our friend will help us prepare the foods for tomorrow. We're planning to cook mummy hotdogs, Halloween cake and cookies, lil smokies. Of course, Filipino foods will not left behind the line(lol) and that includes pancit palabok, lumpia and adobo.

Trick or Treat
One of the high light of the Halloween would be the trick or treat time. We bought bunch of candies in different kinds. I don't know if there will be kids knocking to our door tomorrow since we only live in the apartment but either way, hubby's going to eat it all after (lol).

We make sure that our place is clean and scary looking. We borrowed more Halloween decorations from my in laws which are the spiders with the web in it and we gonna try to put it up tomorrow.

Carved Pumpkins 
At last, hubby already carved the pumpkin that we bought from Win-co a week ago. After an hour of carving, I think he did a good job on it :D.

I wish everyone will have their Halloween fun and enjoyable. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting fit together

***Guest post written by Samantha Ross***

I got so tired of my boyfriend joking about how much weight he's gained in the past year or so, so I told him that we were going to start working out together. I'd noticed the same thing happening to me and want to get back in the game of working out regularly and taking better care of myself because I've just felt so tired lately and I always feel really energized when I work out on a regular basis.

I was looking up some fitness programs for us online with our Clear Internet Bundle and found a few that also included healthy eating plans. I thought something like that would be the best way to go because we would see results easier.

We've only been working out again with our new plan for about a week but I already feel a whole lot better. We're pretty brutal on each other and neither one of us gets away with only half way doing our exercises, which can be annoying, but good.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Souvenir from Disneyland

My hubby's aunt and uncle had a fantastic vacation at Disneyland month ago. A week before they fly to California, we were talking about their incoming trip and I told her  to take bunch of pictures for me to see especially princess Jasmin in particular. I know she's not really a fan into princesses but she told me they will try the best they can :).

The day they arrived in town, she called us and we visited her to work. Aside from the pictures they took, they also handed me this Minnie's cupcake mix and this very cool  Jasmin pin . Though I never ask them to get me something from Disney land but I was thankful for their effort of getting it for me.

I hope one of these days, hubby and I will have a trip down there. Thinking the Disney word alone makes me excited to experience the land of fairies and fantasies in a real world.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Car insurance for a friend

I went to my friend's house yesterday and spend the whole day cooking while talking about cars and driving. She is planning to buy a car this coming winter but she still undecided which insurance company she will get. Here in America, one important requirement for you to drive is to have a vehicle insurance. It is illegal if don't have one.

I know there are plenty of car  insurance providers out there  however each of them offers different  policy and options  which makes her confuse and time consuming. Good thing that  we found CI Auto Quotes which make it easier for my friend to find best car insurance suitable for her since the company offers motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My profile picture

Its seven more days to go before Halloween. People get anxious including few of my friends on facebook  since they posted about Halloween stuff like carving pumpkin, costumes and creepy pictures. Well, I got bored again and edited one of my photo courtesy of They feature Halloween effects and textures. It would be cool if I upgrade my account for premium which you can turn your photo into a really creepy and spooky ones but I decided not to since its just for fun.

So, here is my pair share of my Halloween profile photo. It was not exactly what I wanted but I  guess it turned out fine (lol). 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An early present

I was walking around the shopping center the other day and saw this beautiful trumpeting angel at Hallmark.  Then I asked the sales lady if by chance I can look and hold it since it was locked inside the glass. I really like it since it was my favorite color and it also plays Hark the Herald Angel sing music which is appropriate for Christmas time.

Earlier today, we go back to the store and hubby bought it for me. Yay! I was so happy I have it.  I consider this as my Christmas present and it will surely add to my Precious Moments collection.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Property Ladder - My Favorite Real Estate Themed Television Show

***Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small***

Flipping shows have been popular in recent years as producers try to capture the mystique of house selling gold. The best of these shows is by far the high intensity Property Ladder, where the comically named Kirsten Kemp overcomes her own alliterated name to help young developers learn how to flip properties. The genius of Property Ladder begins with the name. It takes the concept of ladders, where an individual walks up rungs in order to get to a higher location, as a metaphor for climbing out of a economic sewer through the technique of house flipping. Once you get this idea down, the rest of the show starts to make more sense. Kirsten Kemp is an ideal host for this show as she is a moderately attractive blonde woman, but not so freaking attractive and voluptuous that she belongs on a premium channel with lots of exposed skin. Typically a real estate lady must imply sex without overtly displaying it, which is why Kirsten Kemp is perfect for Property Ladder. The show centers around taking cheap properties, fixing them up, and selling them for huge profits. I very skeptical premise, yet I assure you, somehow I manage to find myself captivated by it. I watch Property Ladder every Sunday at 6pm on TLC, part of the basic satellite package offered with my satellite TV from

Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy On Demand

***Contribution by Johnny Avila***

The 1st time I watched a movie on demand from  it was like a cathartic experience. No more theaters, lines, expensive snacks, obnoxious or rude strangers, it was plain awesome. My roommates and I have even set up a movie night on Mondays where we try to all get together and watch an on demand movie on our satellite tv.

After work, whichever 2 or 3 roommates happen to get home first usually head over to the local grocery store and picks up some soda and beer along with some potato chips. After playing a few fighter type video games to determine who gets to sit on the reclining chairs, we usually start setting up shop. Each week a different roommate gets to pick the movie and then we all enjoy the flick. The best thing is that you save so much money and time when you don't have to drive or get dressed to go to the movie theater or stand in line or pay for their outrageous snack prices. In the living room, the seats are always right in front and there is plenty of arm and leg space for everyone. If its chilly, you can easily go grab a blanket or turn up the heater. And if you're watching a snoozer, you can just nod off to sleep without having to get up to go home.

Houses in Arizona

One of our friend is planning to move around next year. He's been telling us about this great place to live in and retire when you get old.  I knew that this country alone has plenty of stunning landmarks, luxurious homes and resorts has to offer. That is why one of our goal that hubby and I gonna do is to travel the fifty States of the country and experience every part of it hopefully. Arizona is his choice since he likes warm weather, gorgeous sunsets, and the houses are very nice, yet reasonable in price.

I got curious and searched about houses in Arizona  including the well known Paradise Valley and Camelback Mountain Real Estate. I was wowed by these breath taking scenic views, unique structure and custom built houses, and lots of recreational activities that you can do.Well, I don't blame our friend that he loves it because this place is such perfect way to paradise. I also believe that a house is a good source of investment nowadays. It's not just a place to live in, but its also something you will have in return in the near  future.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I got an award!

First of all, I would like to acknowledge  Vichygurl of  "The Happy Wife"  blog  for giving me an award as a the Versatile Blogger Award. That was sweet of her. I don't know if I deserved this(lol) but I am really happy that my fellow blogger appreciate that my blog have some insightful stuff to tell ;).

Below are some guidelines that you need to know once you grab the award.

The Rules:

    * Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
    * Share 7 things about yourself.
    * Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.
    * Be sure to let  the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

7 things about myself:
1. My favorite color is blue.
2. I don't like pickles especially on burgers! Its weird coz i love to eat cucumber in a salad but not the  pickled one.
3. I don't know how to swim (lol).Though its not too late for me to practice but sorry I am just afraid of water :P.
4. I was a member of  'marching band' when I was in college.. not in elementary nor in high school(lol).
5. I love to cook, one reason why i made other blog DustyAnne's A Taste of Life.
6. My blog RolfeinnA is a reversed of my name of Annie Flor.
   and lastly,
7. I'm always in love to a very wonderful and amazing husband of mine <3.

I will pass this award to those blogger who are deserving  for me.  Their blogs are one of a kind, entertaining, different and lots of story to share. Most especially, versatile and they worth to read every minutes of your visit.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was a witch

Nah, its not what you think guys (lol). What i mean is that my last year's Halloween costume was a 'witch'. My mother in law bought me a witch hat and i just match it with  shirt, skirt, stocking and shoes all in black . Well, it turned out good for me though not really scary looking. It was my first time to dressed up as a witch, experience trick or treat around the neighborhood and witness how people celebrate Halloween in a foreign land.

Days from now, its Halloween again and we're having a Costume party in our  own place together with our family and friends. We already decorated our living room  full of Halloween decorations and also searching for Halloween recipe online and in some of my cooking book. One more thing is that  I'm looking for a Halloween costume ideas that hubby and I gonna wear. I'm thinking of a couple costume for us. A pirate couple sounds good to me or might be a 'chun li' from street fighter while hubby would be a 'ninja' again. I also wanted to be a 'Jasmin' while hubby is 'Alladin'. Might be a witch again or maybe not!(lol). What you think guys? Any ideas? Well, whatever would it be, I'll  keep you posted :).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Outdoor Gym

***Posted by Hyman Weeks***

I've been living in a rut of late. The gym was my only solace, but sadly that too has become routine. This is quite depressing for me considering how much I enjoy a good work out. I had a general routine that I followed until two days ago, though. Half my week was cardio, the other half was resistance training. It kept me in shape but it was boring after a while.

Well a few days ago I left the house after settling my home security alarm from and actually stopped myself halfway to the gym. I was driving along and simply stopped. It hit me that I had no real reason to be there. I had no desire to be there beyond routine. I wanted to work out but I could not find the motivation to simply go.

As fate would have it I had stopped near a community park. It was a small place with a track, a few swings, and the little stuff that made kids happy. I had not been to a park like that in years.I thought it would hurt to go check it out. I pulled in and decided to walk around. After a while I found myself jogging around the track for a few laps. I felt silly later but right after that I hopped on the merry-go-round then started swinging on the higher set swings. I laughed myself silly but realized something. I was tired and a little sore. I had gotten my work out after all. I'm thinking about taking a day or two a week now just to go play at my 'outdoor gym'.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey NBA fans

Are you a sports fanatic? What kind of sports do you like? basketball? football? or boxing? I like basketball. I'm always been a fan of NBA since I was in the Philippines. And yeah! I was influenced by my brother and my dad because they're an avid viewer of basketball. Every time that their favorite team will play, they always missed work or don't go to work at all just to watch the NBA games on television. We even have our own preferred team like Boston Celtics for my brother , Los Angeles Lakers for my dad and Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks for yours truly.

Last year, hubby and I and one of our couple friends were planning to watch the last game of Portland Trail Blazer Vs Phoenix Suns at the Rose garden arena but unfortunately, the tickets were all sold out a week before the game. So we end up watching it on television by ourselves instead. Of course, it would nice if you can see it live. This time, I'll make sure that hubby and I will set a day for our 'date night' time to experience how its like when you see it live and not just on the screen. So I searched in advance and found Tickets America. They sell different event  tickets for sports, concert, theater,etc. The price is so reasonable since we are planning to be seated on the front row, upper baseline aisle seats at the 200 level of the stadium. This would be more fun. I would go crazy and scream to death while watching my idol playing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Buffy

The first time i saw her. I thought she was the biggest and fattest one I've ever seen. She is sweet, loving and very chatty. She's eight years old, 21 lbs in weight and has such a pretty blue eyes. She is my favorite and she's a calico cat named Buffy.

 How did she get so big? What did you feed her? Actually, she's already been a huge cat when hubby got her at the humane society. She lives with us more than two years now. Sometimes we call her Buffy 'the vampire cat' (lol) and a big mama because she's the biggest of all we had.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Anniversary Cruise Trip!

***I appreciate the guest post written by James Swain***

My wife Debra and I are currently on the first day of a wonderful four day cruise that we are going on for our anniversary this year. We’ve gone to many places together, but we’ve never had an experience like this! We haven’t even reached our first destination, but everything has already been incredible. The dining attendants treat you like royalty, and there are so many things to do on the ship. Debra and I also have access to a pool and several hot tubs on the deck. There is also an on-board casino, several swanky bars, and even several stores to do a little shopping. 

Tomorrow we reach Nassau. We plan to take a local tour before visiting the famous Atlantis resort. I’m glad I brought my new hearing aid that I learned about from It should really come in handy when listening to everything the tour guide has to say. 

After Nassau, we get to go to a private island to Jet Ski. Afterward, we head to Key West for our final day.
This is the life. I can already tell that we are going to need to go another cruise in the future.

Reliable information about car repairs

Having your own car is a must in this country. If you don't have any, it is difficult in times of emergency or time management. You don't have choice but to commute in a public transportation like bus, max or a cab. I am still learning to drive at this time. Hubby's car is too big for me to practice that is why i used my mother in law's  Honda Civic car. Its a good starter for those who are neophyte in driving since its way easy and more comfortable to handle.

Owning your private vehicle is more convenient. You have the freedom wherever you wanna go anytime you want to. Of course, there are also things to consider, it requires a sense of responsibility. Before that will happen, Though its not a 'girl thing' for me to do, I challenge myself to explore more knowledge about cars and anything related to it. I wanna know what is the best car models especially how to care for it or fix it in terms of trouble. From the brakes, to the engine, down to the head gasket replacement, etc.

I found repair pal  as good source of helpful information regarding the cost estimation of fixing a certain car in a repair shop.  It is also good to know car repair shops that are located near in your city. Lets say, by searching for Los Angeles Auto repair shop as an example it will pop up those top rated shop and mechanics which have great costumer's ratings and reviews.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are you a pet lover?

When I was in the Philippines, I don't pay attention to our cats (street cats), dogs maybe. They're not my favorite but it doesn't mean I hate them. I don't even remember having my own pet when I grew up. Yeah, we do feed them with our left over food but not to the point of full concern they needed. Then  when hubby came visited me the second time, he saw our cats was skinny and looks hungry. We were at the grocery store that he asked me "honey ko, is there any cat food around here?I wanna buy food for your cats". I was surprised and was like, "what? honey ko, instead of buying food for the cat why not buy food for the people?" (i was mean i 

Until I came here. Hubby and his family are really pets lovers especially on cats. Can you image that when we used to live in my in laws house we have 7 cats  namely, Shadow, Bandit, Mitsy, Innoe, Manny, Bessie and Buffy and 1 dog named Amber. Not including those neighbor's cats rooming around the backyard begging for food. Here, they treat their pets as a member of the family. They buy food ,treats and provide shelter.They also have their own medical insurance and Veterinarian appointment every couple months.They train them as their own kids and they're well taking cared of. Some of you may think  its ridiculous. But I realized whenever I'm alone in the house where everyone is gone for work, they are my company. Animals are also like humans. They have different character, they have life. They also have the right to live, loved and care by us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'Become' a wise shopper

Couple months ago, hubby was really sick. We keep going to doctor's office to check up what was going on with him. After some blood test, it came out that he have lots of allergies from the pollen of trees, grasses, molds and dusts. One of the reason why we moved its because of our previous place.We lived in the garage and made it as our room. It was closed and no windows.Was also really warm during the summer and we don't even have a dehumidifier to reduce the level of humidity inside the room.

Now that we have our new place, i see to it that everything is neat and clean. I also put plugged in air freshener to make the entire apartment smells great but it is not enough since we have two cats and i can still smell the litter box stinks and no matter how i clean the rooms, there still dusts everywhere. So i look it up online and found the website . They have almost everything and great product reviews. I checked at the home and garden section and I looked for the air purifier. It looks like the one that I wanted. It removes bad odor, provides better quality of air, and very beneficial to those allergy sufferers and asthmatic persons. Plus, the website offers free shipping and discounts. I also compare their prices to the other websites and they are the most cost effective in relation to the other sites. Its all in one and I will surely use this site to purchase products in the future and will become a wise shopper online.

Monday, October 4, 2010

David Blaine: Magic or trick?

Photo source
"How did you do that?". The first question that asked by everyone about this guy who performs street and close up magic.I remember watched his show when I was a teen the "frozen in time" episode where he was stood encased of massive block of ice for 62 hours something. Can you imagine that? My brother and I were really buzzed if its really true or a there's a trick behind it.

Hubby and I watched travel channel last night and witnessed more of his street magic. From the deck of cards, he knows how to vanish one card through his hand. He also did the mind reading magic, coffee to coins, the  arm twisting illusions, floating in the air,etc. He also performs several strange stunts in front of the public.

What is the secret behind it? Is it a magic? a trick? Does he really read our minds? Do you think its in the card? Does he have power? I don't know how does he do it. All I can say is that David Blaine has an extraordinary talent which is very rare for human being.It is remarkable and I'm so puzzled.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Navy's clearance sale

Ohh how i love our place next to the shopping center.Yesterday, me and my Filipina friend were strolling at the several stores near in our apartment and  found out that the Old Navy have lots of on sale summer items . Earlier today, hubby and I return to the store and bought couple stuff. I got not only one but four pair of flip flops in different colors and sizes. Hubby also got me two swimwear bikini bottom and one khaki brown short.You cannot beat the prices because we only paid $7.99 for all of it.

Here in the US, this is the good time to buy  summer clothes in a very inexpensive amount .When every season changes they also change the trend and fashion especially right now that cold weather is coming up and most of the stores are getting rid of summer stuff.

What am I gonna do to these things since the weather starts chilly and cold right now?  I wouldn't be able to wear it. Oh well honestly, I'm gonna send it to my sisters back home as one of our Christmas presents to them (lol).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cebu Pacific FA's dancing demo

It only has 70 views when I watched this video on Youtube yesterday. Then it happened when I read  this article from yahoo news music featuring about the flight attendants performing the safety demonstration dancing in the song of Lady Gaga's  "just dance" and Katty Perry's "California gurls". Just in two days, there are already 720 thousand viewers of this clip.Wow! Their creative way of doing this demo obviously makes Cebu Pacific's  publicity  better and is one way of advertising the company through the internet in a lesser budget. I'm sure that passengers were entertained and payed attention for once. I just hope that they also listen and understand the safety demonstration as well.

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