Saturday, January 29, 2011

Party menu for game day

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's football season and super bowl is just right around the corner. Whether you're a die-hard sports fan or just eager to check out the commercials, no Super Bowl Sunday would be complete without friends, family and fabulous food. Both hubby and I are not into football but considering the excitement and casual fun that surrounds us, it is really hard to resist. 

One thing that reminds me of football season is the food being served in the table while watching the game. Especially when there's an additional twist that you can add on to the food that will make it more tasty.  If you love the combination of salt, pepper and vinegar, TABASCO® Original Red  sauce is just perfect for you! It is a hot sauce that has the ability to bring the most out of your food. It enhances the flavor of food so you can get the best of every bite. I usually put TABASCO® Original Red  on top of the pizza or combined it in a spicy buffalo wing dip. It is so much more than hot that you will taste.

If you guys want to explore  more ways of using TABASCO® Original Red check out the Game-Day Party Menu and Pizza Perfected page for some simple ideas & recipes for food everyone loves. These hot and spicy recipes are guaranteed to jump-start the party before the first down!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

What's inside my purse

Hello Everyone! Today I'm going to show you what are the things I usually carry with me inside my purse.When I go to work, I always use between this two cute little purses or should i say hand bags. The white one was given to me by my mother in law and the black was one of  the Christmas gift that i received from hubby.

These are the following that I always have inside my bag:

Cellphone pouch - I used to put my old cellphone in this pouch but now i got a bigger one, it doesn't fit in  here anymore so instead, i ended up putting all my keys and use it as my key chain.   
Coach Poppy Graffiti skinny wallet- This is where I put all my identifications, debit card, gift cards and receipts.
Chapstick & Lipstick - it is important to have it since the weather here makes your lips dry quickly.
Mirror- this mirror is been with me forever! This has been so useful to me. I got this one when I was still in college and as far as i remember, I bought this for only Php2.00 or a $.01 (penny)  and I also put my picture at the back of the mirror (silly!
Mints/gum - freshens breath after we eat somewhere. It also works for me every time I have an upset stomach.
Pepper spray/mace- every girl MUST have this! Hubby's grandparents got gave this to me  to use as my personal self-defense to anyone.
dental floss - its good to have this rather than a toothpick ;).
coin purse - I always have coins with me in case I need to buy something from vending machine at work.
lotion -  my hand gets dry easily especially during this winter season so I make sure I have it with me. 
hand sanitizer - its more convenient when I have my hand sanitizer with me just in case I feel that my hands are dirty.
Mobile Phone - my phone is not in the photo because I used it when i took this picture. And of course, it is one of those important things that I always have with me even if I don't carry my bag.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something for my lappy

My laptop is been my best friend since I  came here in the US. It is one of those things that I can't live without. I always use my laptop everyday, 24/7. If I'm not doing chores or working, it means I'm with my lappy checking my emails, researching, talking to my family back home, Facebook, blogging, store files and pictures, etc! Its been 2 years now since hubby bought it and gave it to me. I am so glad that it is still in good condition. I haven't encounter any problem so far since I am very careful with it.  

Hubby and I planning to go back to school this year. Now I'm looking for a  laptop sleeve  just in case  we might bring it somewhere. That way, it will prevent my laptop from getting scratches and it is one way of protecting it from hard objects and damages. It would also make it clean and tidy. One of my friend introduce me this to this site which sells durable and nice laptop sleeves since she got her macbook air sleeves in the same website. I will have a look and check them out soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mall Tour with a friend

Who said that only celebrities allowed to have a Mall Tour? Well, no one really said that but me (lol). Anyway, me and a friend of mine had a mall tour earlier today. We went to Clackamas Town Center not for shows but for window shopping which ends up buying couple things. Seriously! every store that we enter,  most of them have a clearance sale going on up to 50-80% off.  I promise myself I will not buy anything  but those prices and deals are so temping. 

So I ended up buying this Aeropostale cardigan hoodie for only $7.99. The original price was $49.00. They have pretty much nice stuff but I decided to just buy this one.

I also got this black gladiator shoes by Fioni. I bought it from Payless store. It was originally $29.99 but they're having a "bogo sale" which if you buy 2 items, the other one is half off the price. My friend and I love the shoes so we got it and we ended up paying $20 bucks something each.

And lastly, we will not be leaving the Mall without having some sweet treat at Cinnabon. As you guys know I'm not really into sweets but hubby and my friend do. They both love Cinnabon! We ordered the Cinnabon Classic roll and I also ordered one to take home for hubby.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Protein powders

It was December last year when hubby and I were really worried regarding to his weight loss and health problem stuff. We've been having a doctor's appointment every week just to make sure that there is nothing serious about his health. One thing that the doctor was concerned of was his weight loss. Hubby lost more than 10lbs in past couple weeks. So the doctor recommend us to visit Max Muscle Sports Nutrition and talk to the nutritionist what is best way to gain weight in a healthy way.  He advise hubby to take Max Muscle products and educate us how to do a balance diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

After holidays, hubby went back to doctor's clinic and the doctor was really happy to know about his gain weight.  I am glad that these stuff actually help hubby. And of course, it will not be effective without the help of your time, exercise, rest and good nutrition.

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