Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner at Baja Fresh

Nothing special, I just wanna show you what we had for dinner tonight from Baja Fresh. A family member gave us gift card plus we have coupons as well. I got Chicken taquitos with pinto beans and rice while hubby ordered Chipotle chicken torta . We also had chips and a Smoky queso fundido for dipping. We walked to best buy after then we head over to the gym and burned few calories ;).

Organize using Clipix

Recently, I've been having a hard time remembering my most recent searches and have to struggle to find the site I visited all over again. It would be easy if it was one of the first couple of links on the returned search, but it usually is obscured somewhere in the first 10 pages of results.

I was turned on to clipix by a friend recently and it has saved me a ton of time. Clipix is a small add on that you attach to the browser's toolbar just like a bookmark. When you find a webpage that you like, you just click the Clip button and it saves that site for you on a customizable clipboard. You can arrange these clipboards any way you want, and choose to share them with your friends or keep them private if you would like. There is even a board called a Syncboard in which all members that are partaking in that board can see anything that is posted on it by the other members. This is a really cool thing to use to share interests and great finds with your friends or family. Below is the screenshot of my clipix.

I suggest giving it a try and seeing how it can organize your online life. So tell me readers, what are you going to use Clipix for?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Visiting LA

***Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott***

I went to visit my friend Maggs in California. My visit was long overdue. She moved to Los Angeles three years ago. Honestly, time goes by so quickly, I fell like she only moved just a year ago. Anyway, we had a really great time. She took me to see all of the famous sites. She laughed because she hadn’t had time to visit them yet. When she got out there, she had to find a place to live and a job really quickly so that she was going to be able to stay. We had such a great time and took lots of pictures. I used her clear wireless internet Los Angeles connection to upload some of the pictures that we took to Facebook so that our friends and family could see them. We had so much fun, I just can’t wait to go back. I think that I might could live in California. I absolutely love the weather. I especially love being so close to the beach. I want to take my sister with me next time that we visit. I think that she would really enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My celebrity hairstyles

I am curious on how I look with different hairstyles and colors. I came across this site where you can put different hairstyles of celebrities using your face of course ;). You can try the newest hairstyles from short cuts to bangs, curls, straight and with a variety of colors. I had a blast looking at these pics after..lol...I had fun editing it. What do you think is the best hairstyle for me? Please let me know in the comment box below.

Go try it  for yourself...and experience your Hollywood make over  here . Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine date night

Do you wanna celebrate your valentine with your special someone on a heart's day but  both of your schedule doesn't allow you since you work that night? After a long busy day, you still wanna do something but you're too tired to go some place? Why make a reservation and waiting in line of crowds on Valentines day while you can do it at home ;). There is nothing but romantic evening while spending the night with your love having dinner and watch your favorite movie together.
While some couples are out for dinner, I myself just stayed at home cooking and waiting for hubby to come home from work. To make it special, I prepared a romantic dinner for both of us. I cooked his ever favorite dish and  made a little dessert. I also made him a card and a Hershey's kisses bouquets. I must love this guy!lol... not just Valentines day but 365 days a year and 7 days a week <3 .  Well, I know that he loves me too...no doubt! ;). Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines day not only with you significant other but also with your families and friends. Remember, the true measure of love is a love without measure.... Love, love love! mwah!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY: Valentines gift ideas

Looking for a unique gifts for your girlfriend/boyfriend? husband/wife? loveone ? or that special someone? A little effort makes it more special. So creating your own Valentines card is another way to express your love.

I came across on YouTube and saw alot of tutorials on how to make this Hershey Kisses Bouquet. It super easy to make and inexpensive too if you're in a budget.

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